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Georgia may not have marriage equality — or civil unions — but it will have a mass commitment ceremony during Rainbow Days at Six Flags Over Georgia on June 28. Paul Turner, a pastor of Gentle Spirit Christian Church.

The ceremony will be one of many events at the fifth-annual party, which takes place at the amusement park outside of Atlanta.

And science communicator Dennis Meredith discusses his book Explaining Research, and the importance for scientists of reaching the public.

Web sites related to this episode include March 10th at the 92nd Street Y's Tribeca site in New York City, Scientific American MIND contributing editor Robert Epstein discussed how arranged marriages can surpass love matches for long-term contentment.

If you want to know if the free dating site is reputable, you can search for comments and reviews on neutral dating forums.

Like speed dating, everyone is there because they want to meet a prospective partner.

By contrast, a club or bar, individuals have nothing in common: hence it’s a non-filtered venue. At a club, there’s simply no way of guessing what people’s motives are. At a club or bar, it is the primary reason that the women are so flaky.

If you live in a small town, it might be much better to expand your horizon by joining a larger website.

The advantage of joining a new website or a website with a relatively low number of members is that there’s not much competition.


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