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NOTE: If you are copying the chart above to use as reference, you MUST include the last line of the chart, including the link to this website.Failure to do so is a violation of Federal Copyright law.This restart is usually scheduled for the middle of the night, to avoid interrupting scheduled recordings or live TV viewing.If you’re setting up a new Ti Vo media device, and a software update is available, your Ti Vo media device will receive the update on the second successful connection after Guided Setup completes.The good news is that these software updates are automatically downloaded to your Ti Vo media device as they become available, so you don’t have to worry about installing them yourself.After the download, your Ti Vo media device must restart to install the software.

I definitely used his code and circuit as a starting point, but I reworked every part of it to be my own. The bootloader loads first and in particular situations enters "update mode" allowing a new firmware to be easily installed onto the chip. Bootloader: hex (5.17 KB, updated 2012-11-08) or source (77.71 KB, updated 2012-11-08) Firmware: hex (39.59 KB, updated 2012-11-08) or source (122.71 KB, updated 2012-11-08) Note: The bootloader is optional.

He was even kind enough to give me the source code for his microchip.

Well, I had never really made a circuit before, and I had definitely never programmed a microchip before, so I wanted to have a go at re-doing his work to better suit my needs and wants.

Additionally, some codes can help with setup issues.

To Perform a Kickstart Code, pull the plug to power down the Ti Vo.


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